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Cartoon image of a group of diverse young people with invisible and visible disabilities.

Supporting youth with disabilities in their employment.



We are a small team at CanAssist at the University of Victoria working to improve employment support access for youth with disabilities in BC. In collaboration with representatives from a provincial network of disability-serving organizations, we are building the Provincial Employment Strategy for Youth with Disabilities (ESYD).

Guiding Principles


Provide programming that is flexible and responsive to the youth to adulthood transition


Encourage self-exploration, awareness, and empowerment


Create environments that are safe and accommodating to all identities and disabilities


Respond to a continuum of needs and experiences



Emphasize continuous learning and career growth


Promote wellness

The Model

The Employment Support Model for Youth with Disabilities uses five dimensions to support young people with disabilities as they navigate the youth to adulthood transition and pursue employment. It aims to address the unique needs of young people with disabilities by guiding them as they explore their identity, set goals, find purpose, and pursue meaningful work.

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