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Project Update: June 2023

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


What have we been up to?

  • This Thursday, July 6 we look forward to sharing our biggest publication to date: our Youth Survey Report. This report analyzes survey responses collected from youth across BC who are ages 15-30 and self-identify as having a disability (including mental health and substance use challenges). Over three months (May-August 2022), we collected 463 survey responses. In the ensuing months, we coded and analyzed this data. Keep an eye on your inbox—On Thursday we’ll send our network an announcement of its release!

  • We have established two working groups to support us in building out our employment support model for youth with disabilities. There is a Youth Working Group and a Field Professionals and Subject Matter Experts working group. These groups have already provided valuable feedback on the Guiding Principles Checklist and are currently working with us to develop the structure, learning topics, and curriculum of the model.


Spotlight: Paid Opportunity to Give Feedback

If your organization offers employment programs for youth with disabilities (including mental health and substance use challenges), we need your help!

In collaboration with youth and service providers, ESYD has developed a checklist for fostering empowering employment program spaces for youth with disabilities.

  • This is a paid opportunity for your organization to review and provide feedback on the checklist.

  • Testers will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For more information, please email Alejandra Hergert at


What’s next?

  • The Caregiver Survey Report is well underway, expected for release later this summer. It engaged 133 caregivers from across British Columbia. They identified the employment support-related gaps and barriers experienced by their youth. They also identified practices that have helped their youth access employment support programs and gain and keep employment.

  • The Service Provider Survey Report is also being written. We look forward to sharing these insights with you once they are completed in the coming months.


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